Hospitality industry comprising a Hotel & catering Industries is one of the fastest growing Industries in the world. In the global contest to the sector has witnessed booming growth in the past decades or two specially after the opening of the economy.Besides India with its rich historical past & varied geographical locations like Hill Station & Beaches has always been a very attractive tourist destination. Efforts by the Government  to promote India as a prime tourist destination in the world as paying dividends & there has been a definite increase in the volume of the International tourist visiting the country. More encouraging has been the steady growth in the number of Indians travelling with the country both for the pleasure & business as fall out of the increasing levels of income and Education.All these have augured well for the Hotel Industry which has grown tremendously both in terms of capacity & service.

Hotel caters to different categories of client & therefore the Industry offers services varying from the super deluxe category to budget category.The Hotel Industries  includes leisure and travel industries as well as food & catering business.The industry is still evolving in our country & has a huge employment potential Infact, supply of the trend manpower in this sector is far below the demand.In U.K food retailing & wholesaling employs nearly 9 lakhs people working over 1 lakh location.